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Everyone needs a little twerking Santa in their lives this Christmas!

The Twerking Santa Toy is the perfect addition to your Christmas decorations this year!

Santa Clause is absolutely known to be a healthy, chipper, decent man that carries delight to billions once every year, except what happens when Santa gets a little eggnog in his framework with only excessively much liquor in it? He obviously prefers to get out to the club and twerk the night away. This moving and twerking Santa Claus toy shows us simply that!


To start him going, just push the button on his right hand and he will immediately begin dancing and twerking and bouncing that extra-thick booty up and down.

A club-type song will even start playing from an internal speaker which will surely get everyone around him twerking as well.

Twerking Santa

The LOL-worthy gemmy twerking Santa Claus toy utilizes battery capacity to shake his goods here and there while chiming in to different tunes. In spite of the fact that the twerking toy would be the ideal gag present for any companion or relative, we’re by and by slanted to catch one for ourselves to add an amusing touch to our Christmas improvement setup.

If you’re in favor of changing the renowned verses of “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” to “Twerkin’ Around the Christmas Tree,” you can score your own one of a kind goods shakin’ Santa toy from retailers like Amazon or Walmart. See beneath for a brilliantly vital sneak look at what the Santa’s entrancing move moves resemble, in actuality, and attempt to oppose smirking.


The twerking Santa will dance for 20 seconds once the button on his hand is pressed.

The dancing Santa figuring measures 13.4 inches tall x 6.7 inches wide x 5.3 inches long, and he weighs 1.1 lbs.

Santa is certainly known to be a wholesome, jolly, honorable man that brings joy to billions once a year, but what happens when Santa gets a little eggnog in his system with just a little too much booze in it?

He of course likes to get out to the club and twerk the night away. This dancing and twerking Santa Claus figurine shows us just that!

Twerking Santa highlights:

Relentless Entertainment – Enjoy long stretches of fun and amusement with only a press of a catch! Watch as the Twerking Santa sings “GINZA” as he squirms his hip with happiness! A surefire approach to cause individuals, all things considered, to submit to chuckling!

Simple to Operate – Simply plug in 3 AA batteries, and you’re good to go for some Christmas fun! No specialized aptitudes required!

Durable and Durable – The fun never stops with the Twerking Santa! In light of your amusement and strength, this diverting Santa toy is produced using top notch materials making it a pleasant toy that will endure forever!

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Funny Twerking Santa


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