Portable martial arts métal staff


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The Perfect Pocket Tool To Stay Protected! Carry around the PocketStaff to ensure your safety and self-defense! It extends from 2″(5cm) to 5′ or 120 cm in a matter of seconds. With its concealable form, you can silently pop out this bo-staff whenever you are in danger!

Stainless Steel Build. The PocketStaff is built from a high-grade stainless steel which can be used for martial arts and self-defense effectively.

Lightweight and Telescopic Portability. This Bo Staff is extremely concealable at its 2″(5cm) closed length. Carry it around wherever you go to stay protected.

One-Touch System. Simply press the bottom button to unlock and release the staff. Point the staff away from your face and body to ensure it comes out safely.

Aerodynamic Shape. Spin this staff at unbelievable speeds due to its unique micro-concave shape. It cuts the surrounding air to increase rotation speed by over 30%!

Easily put back the PocketStaff into its small form by twisting and pushing it down, locking it with the top pin.

Please do not use the PocketStaff to intentionally harm others, it is a performance staff to be used for self-defense and training! Ensure your safety when popping it open and holding.

Portable martial arts métal staff


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